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My name is Katherine Brody and I'm so happy you have found Holistic Health Pharmacist.com - your prescription for looking and feeling better, naturally. metoda abramowicza

Are you interested in learning some simple, scientifically proven, natural ways to dramatically impact your health and appearance without drugs?...without spending a fortune?...and without dieting or strenuous exercise? Then you've come to the right place! metoda abramowicza

Katherine Brody

I call myself a Holistic Health Pharmacist because I'm a pharmacist who believes that pills are over prescribed. The more I learned about drugs throughout my 25 years in the industry, the more I wanted to avoid taking them. But it wasn't until I became sick that I began studying and understanding the value of holistic health. I learned that real "health care" is not found in a pill! To read my story click here. http://accademiaditiratore.it/

My primary mission for this site is to share what I've learned along the way. What you find boiled down on these these pages, I spent decades learning and am eager to share with you. If you follow these simple, proven steps you'll find dramatic improvements in the way you feel (without chemicals and without side effects!) http://academia-ortega.es/

A secondary goal is to help you improve your appearance, but these two goals go hand-in-hand. I guarantee that, as your health improves, so will the way you look. I'm not trying to sell you on some strenuous workout program, or fancy face cream, or ridiculous diet. Sadly, there is no miraculous, expensive gimmick or pill that will give you vibrant health and radiant beauty. kliknite ovdje

But, by navigating through my site you will find easy ways to improve your health and beauty naturally...through better nutrition, fun exercise, and important detoxification methods. oficiali svetainė

The holistic health advice that I outline for you on these pages is...

  • Simple - because while we all want better health, none of us have the time for anything complicated or time consuming.
  • Proven - because, if what I recommend is not backed by common sense, it's backed by science. None of us have time for empty promises and unproven claims.
  • Dramatic - because you'll be amazed at how small steps, taken every day, add up to noticeable and remarkable improvements...often in as little as 2 weeks.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • I hate to exercise because it's boring, but I know I should...
  • I've tried all the diets and none of them work...
  • I wish I could get off this medication...
  • I worry because my kids don't eat right...
  • I hope and pray that I don't get cancer...
  • I don't know why my skin is always so puffy, red, breaking out...
  • I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired....
  • I wish I could work-out or lift weights but I'm too tired (or old, or sick)

If you can relate to any of those statements, I can relate! You are not alone. I became a holistic health pharmacist and wrote this site for you

The ultimate goal of a holistic health pharmacist is to protect your improve your health without medication. In fact, the goal is to get you off as many medications as possible. Here's what you can expect:

  • More energy...no need for afternoon naps, caffeine or energy drinks
  • Radiant, beautiful skin...no need for heavy makeup or concealer
  • Fewer cravings....easier to stay away from alcohol, pop, candy
  • Better circulation...critically important for good health
  • Improved mood...critically important for our spouse and kids!

If you're already struggling with health issues, you know how invaluable it is to just "feel good". You will be amazed at how dramatically your health can improve by eating well, finding an exercise you enjoy, and detoxifying your body.

If you're lucky enough to have good health, you probably don't appreciate it. Most of us don't until we get a scare. Let me tell you from experience that it is far easier to maintain health than it is to recapture it after you've lost it! So, as your new holistic health pharmacist, allow me to show you how!

Whatever your current level of health, we all want to look better. Yes, you're not alone, we're all vain! We spend so much money on clothes, jewelry, makeup and even plastic surgery. But, the single, most important thing you can do to look better doesn't cost a thing. Just take care of your body!

Start your journey one step at a time. Don't try to do everything at once. I've divided my holistic health advice into three main areas and given you easy ways to make dramatic improvements in each area.

1. Nutrition - you need to get more raw fruits and vegetables in your diet. You know that, but how do you do it? I'll show you how.

  • Juicing - Learn why I call this Liquid medicine or the fountain of youth!
  • Paleo diet - Discover why this diet makes more sense than any other.
  • Supplements - Learn the facts about vitamins you may be taking now, undersand which vitamins are dangerous and which are beneficial, discover which 3 vitamins everyone should be taking.

2. Exercise - you need to stretch and get your body moving.

  • Learn about rebounding and how it's the best exercise on the planet for building muscle, losing weight, and improving health. It's also fun, easy on the joints, and economical. Anyone at any age, and at all levels of health can rebound!

3. Detoxification - you need to lighten your toxic load because toxins cause cancer and disease.

  • Learn how to detoxify your house, your personal care products and your body.

For some reason pharmacists have always ranked as the most trusted professional. I'm not sure why, but it's true! So, please allow me to be your trusted Holistic Health Pharmacist. Follow me on my blog...or sign up for my free newsletter. But, most importantly, start taking better care of your body. Take the plunge one day at a time, one healthy habit at a time. I promise that you will look and feel better than you ever thought possible!

Enjoy the journey!


Your Holistic Health Pharmacist

Ways To Get Healthy!

Find the optimal ways toward better health, with many things your Doctor may have already recommended. However, always check with your current Medical Provider before changing your current diet plan.

We can only suggest what comes naturally, that will help you holistically...and what a Pharmacist might recommend.


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